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The trouble with being a god is that you've no one to pray to. --Terry Pratchett, Small Gods


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Particularly prevalent amongst travellers who have been on the road for years on end. Symptoms include: the sufferer making wildly improbable claims about where they have been, what they have seen, and how much they have spent. While not communicable, if someone starts telling you that they travelled on 53 cents a day by sleeping on park benches and recycling their own urine, you should give them a wide birth -- if only for your own sanity.

- From the Round-The-World Tour Guide, Travel Quotes & Humor Section.

Local Things
Roadside Billboards The Halve Mein Hound and Hare Hash
Inspirational Posters Play music on your Phone!
Taking a trip with friends? Use this handy rulebook to help you figure out who rides in the shotgun seat!

Links worth the trip
The Hittman Chronicle Official Warren Zevon Site
LoaferX - Where can he be? Legends of the Faul
Learn2.Com - The Ability Utility Robert Altman Communications
1969 Woodstock Festival & Concert I'm Erica ONLINE
CRUMBS - Capital Region Musicians Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?
Enigmatic Brainwashed - Weekly Web Zine
San Diego Techno Rave DJ. Check out his links, too SubNation
San Diego Goth Clubs Heather has Two Mommies
Michele Rainville Bob Bolinger - great rambling site!
Lorrie Moller's Page Spacegirl Site - Nice!
The Principia Discordia Natalie Engel's Chest of Lust, Longing and Obsession
Chris Bray's Page The Star Wars Character Page and Blooper and Trivia Site
Cigar Woman Magazine The Looney Tunes Express
Allison in Hell Doug Jacobson - Some nice HTML utilities and tricks
NYS Child Support Services Culinary Cafe - Online recipes
Homework Central - Online Resource How Stuff Works
Castboy Celebrity Biography Site
South Park's Beef-Cake Site! Monty Python Online
Cigar Aficiando Page Another Cigar Page
Online Encyclopedia Beer.Com
Online Bartender Online Translations

Hunter S. Thompson
The Great Gonzo Hunt! Hunter S. Thompson Site
Woody Creek, CO's Hunter S. Thompsom Site Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Site

Richard Feynman
The Web Surfer's Guide to the Feynman Lectures on Physics Richard Feynman on Teaching
Enola Gay Perspectives

Bohemia & Other Authors
Levity.Com Levity's Bohemian Ink Page
Lots of Tom Robbins Links Popular Tom Robbins Fan Site
Definitive Kurt Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut Corner

My Brother's Home Page! Doug Smith, my college roomie
The Free Bob Page Marlboro
The Nest - Mike and Laurie Heather McLeod's Page
Melody's Page Bianca Bickford

Lake Superior State University How's the Weather?
Rush Fan Home Page Nine Planets
Satellite Views Dr. Demento
Dilbert Archive Fabric Origami Workshop
Drum Corps International US Census
TravLang's Dictionaries Drew's Script O-Rama
Today in History Fabric Origami Workshop

Sea Ray Boats Interactive Marine Observations U.S. Coast Guard Home Page U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center
U.S. Naval Observatory Lighthouses - Very good lighthouse resource. Boat US West Marine Online Catalog - Did someone say "hole in the water!"
Marine Electrical Systems Seminar Cruisers Connection Admiralty Marine - Great used marine equipment store Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page - Really great sailing resource!
Sailing in Seattle - great sailing resource North Isle Sailing's San Juan Islands - Explore the San Juans BoatNet - Looking for a boat? The Sailing Source
Center for Wooden Boats - Lake Union resource for wooden boats. Sea Chanties - Some songs of the sea.

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